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About the work

In Al’s own words… Solargraph images are how I think a tree might experience time if it could. Slowly, not seeing what we’re able to see and at the same experiencing everything we can’t. This is the only way I get to see this version or copy of a reality that I’m unable to experience first-hand. Kinda makes you wonder what else we’re missing? 

And from the introduction by Rob Hudson… It is the apparent simplicity with which these solargraphs are made (that physical process) that makes them all the more remarkable. For something so utterly entrancing to come from an empty beer can with a tiny hole, some light sensitive paper that’s been gaffer taped to a tree for months at a time is perhaps the most surprising element of these images. It brings photography back down to earth by taking us to a whole new universe.




  • 210 mm x 295 mm, hardback with dust jacket

  • 104 pages, thread sewn, ‘Sussex’ Bind

  • Introduction by Rob Hudson

  • Released May 2019

  • Edition size 350

  • ISBN 978-0-9930892-2-0

  • £30.00



  • Signed and numbered print – ‘Death of a Wood’ solargraph (See image above)

    • Print is exclusive to this book edition and not available elsewhere

    • Digital print on Hahnemuelle PhotoRag 308gsm

    • Approx. 265 mm x 200 mm

  • Limited to 50 copies only, ever!

  • £70.00